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  Live Audio > Power Management > Monster Power, MP PRO 200, 2 Outlets & Clean Power

Monster Power, MP PRO 200, 2 Outlets & Clean Power

Model Number: MP PRO 200
List Price: $49.95

Save $10.00 with International House Of Music!

SALE PRICE: $39.95
Prices are for Web purchases only. In-store prices may vary. WHY?

PRO 200 PowerCenter™ with Clean Power™ Stage 1

Dimensions: 8 3/4 H x 4 5/8 W x 2 5/8 D; weight: 0.54 lbs.
Clean Power™ Stage 1 filtering reduces AC power line noise for improved audio performance.
Dual Mode Plus™ advanced surge protection features audible alarm and AC power disconnect circuitry for complete protection.
Ultra-compact design with 2 protected AC outlets easily packs for travel to the studio or concert
2 LED indicators confirm when SurgeGuard™ surge protection is activated and when external AC wiring is properly grounded.

Ultra-Compact PowerCenter Protects Your Music Gear from Harmful Surges and Maximizes Sonic Performance
On the road or in the studio, unfiltered dirty power can severely affect your sound while unpredictable AC power surges can also damage expensive music equipment. While many live and pro studio systems incorporate power conditioning for main components and gear, equipment plugged into unprotected, unfiltered outlets can wreak havoc on your sound and expose your valuable equipment to dangerous power surges and dips. You need to protect and optimize AC power for all of your music and audio equipment.

The Monster Pro 200 features Clean Power™ Stage 1 filtering that virtually eliminates electromagnetic pollution and radio frequency noise so your instruments and recording gear deliver maximum sonic performance. In addition, Monster Dual Mode Plus™ surge protection with a high 1110 Joule rating keeps expensive equipment like amps and boards protected from AC powerline surges, dips, and spikes.

How "Dirty" Power Can Ruin Your Sound
Whether you’re gigging, laying down tracks or mixing, dirty AC power feeding your gear is full of interference and line disturbances. Clicks, buzzes and hums can make unwanted "special guest appearances" when you're trying to sound your best. Some you’ll hear loud and clear right away. Other problems will be apparent when you listen to playback. Dirty power can cause loss of dynamic range, a harsh sounding mix, or an increased noise floor that can detract from every song in a set, or ruin an otherwise perfect studio take.

With Monster Clean Power™, You’ll Always Sound Your Best
The Monster Clean Power Circuitry uses patented filters to dramatically reduce electronic noise on the power line. With Clean Power, you’ll enjoy purer, more natural tone and increased dynamic range, so you’ll always sound your best—onstage and in the studio.

Protect Delicate Music and Recording Gear From Dangerous Power Surges
Like personal computers, the sensitive electronics inside your equipment can be easily damaged or destroyed by the surges and spikes common with power lines today. The problem is even worse in areas plagued by lightning or power blackouts. Extremely high voltage can travel through an unstable power line at any time—mid-set on any stage, or mid-take in any studio session—seriously damaging or even destroying your precious gear. The Monster Power Pro 200 features superior protection with 1110 Joules of surge absorption and fast-acting Dual Mode Plus disconnect protection technology for total peace of mind on stage, in the studio, in the garage, or wherever your musical creativity takes you.

Advanced Protection and Clean Power for Today’s Pro Audio Equipment
Get Pro 200 today for the performance and protection yourmusical instrument and sound gear deserves.

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